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How It All Started…

We were searching for a better way to allow people to help and heal themselves without having traditional medicine involved. After much research we decided to combine the knowledge of a highly skilled Chinese Medicine Holistic Herbalist we knew and the Healing Power of the highest quality Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil we could find.  The result was the creation of a line of All Natural and Organic cannabis products that people have described as “Miraculous”. The rest is magic.

Our Herbalist incorporates top-of-the-line organics from all over the world into our products. Exotic ingredients like Tahitian Monoi Oil, Organic Moringa Oil, Organic MTC Coconut Oil, Organic West African Shea Butter, Myrrh Oil and many other Essential Healing Oils and Herbs that work together in perfect harmony.

We sincerely care about you and we also care about your pets.  All of our products are 100% guaranteed to meet your satisfaction .

High Vibes Extra Strength Pain Cream

$70.001/2 oz.
  •  100mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
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High Vibes Anti-Aging Cream

$80.001/2 oz.
  • 100mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
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4 A Higher Good Full Spectrum Tinctures

  • 420mg, 700mg, 1800mg Full Spectrum Gold Hemp Extract Tinctures

Happy Vibes Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Pet Tincture

$48 - 7228ml.
  • 125 – 250mg. Full Spectrum Gold Hemp Extract
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“ I had chronic pain in several of my fingers from arthritis.  After a few days of using the High Vibes pain cream, the pain was totally gone.  I couldn’t believe it…”

Kassi S.Client

I haven’t been able to snap my fingers for the last 5 years. One day I used the extra strength pain cream. The next day, I could! Coincidence? I don’t think so!

Jameson RClient